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About Thomson Tech Drilling Fluids

Our drilling fluids have been designed specifically for the Turbulence drill bit. Environmentally sourced. Non-dangerous goods. Easily disposable packaging. We’ve selected only the most premium products, so you can simplify storage and reduce drilling fluid costs.


Environmentally sourced

All of our fluids have been responsibly sourced, with care taken to reduce our footprint on the environment. 

100% recyclable packaging

By using 100% recyclable packaging, not only is it better for the planet, but also makes it easier for you to dispose of on site. 

Only the highest quality

The highest quality products, using the highest quality materials. No exceptions. 

Simplified range

 We don’t sell you products you don’t need. Our fluids are designed to be versatile, and can be adapted to different drilling conditions. 

Custom solutions

Leveraging our 30+ years of experience, we can come out to your site and tune in drilling fluids and tooling for your specific situation.

Larger cuttings size

Due to the patented design the cutting can be transported without being ground down when passing though bit and past down hole tooling.

Increases rig potential

Our range of patented diamond drill bits and fluids have been custom-designed for more efficient solid removal, so you can drill faster, and more reliably.

Our range

Thomson Tech®

TT Red

TT Red is truly a next generation underground diamond drilling product for bore path torque reduction. Greatly reduces rod wear and increases the life of all down-hole drilling tools. TT Red utilises the best environmentally safe technology that’s proven to provide effective lubrication.

Thomson Tech®

TT Yellow

TT Yellow stabiliser reduces the swelling of sensitive shales and young drill cuttings exposed to water‐base drilling fluids. It prevents the hydration, reducing the effect of drill solids on viscosity and it works to minimise problems like high dilution rates, increased torque and drag, high surge and swab pressures and bottom hole bit balling.

Thomson Tech®

TT Orange

TT Orange is a high molecular weight biopolymer used for increasing the suspension capability of water base mud systems. The biopolymer has the distinctive capability to yield a fluid that is highly shear thinning or pseudo plasticity and thixotropic.

Thomson Tech®

TT Blue

TT Blue ULV polyanionic cellulose is a high‐quality, water‐soluble polymer designed to control fluid loss in water‐base drilling fluid. While minimising the viscosity impact to water‐base mud programs for high speed slim hole drilling.

Thomson Tech®

TT Black

TT Black is made from a seed that is mechanically dehusked, hydrated, milled and screened according to application. It is typically produced as a free-flowing, off-white powder and then blended with a biopolymer has the distinctive capability to yield a fluid that is highly shear‐thinning or pseudo plasticity and thixotropic.

This 100% unique fluid also has a lubrication that can only be used with the patented Thomson Tech Turbulence drill bit.

Thomson Tech®

TT Purple

TT Purple is an efficient liquid thinner to reduce excessive viscosity and disperse clay from tooling.

Thomson Tech®

TT White

TT White is a next generation product designed to provide cuttings encapsulation and shale stabilisation. Formulated for fast and easy mixing while eliminating “fish eyes.” This is beneficial when rapidly mixing either large quantities or high concentrations of polymer where good mixing equipment is unavailable.

Thomson Tech®

TT Swell

TT Swell is a copolymer of polyacrylamide. This polymer will expand 150 times its volume in water of a fresh nature. This is environmentally correct and is used in an agricultural application in improving water retention.

Thomson Tech®

TT Wash

TT Wash is a new generation, heavy duty biodegradable degreaser detergent that promptly infiltrates to lift and remove dirt, oil and greases. It is a rapidly active and super economical multipurpose degreaser due to its various dilution rates. TT Wash has a friendly odour and is non-toxic and environmentally acceptable.

Thomson Tech®

TT Thread Grease

TT Thread Grease is a specialised thread compound containing proprietary additives from one of the world’s leading manufactures. It is a widely used thread grease that performs in extreme, freeze, thaw to boil environments. TT Thread Grease is designed to reduce friction and protect the threads from damage.

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